Midnight's Trail
Midnight's Trail
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I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon Midnights
Trail Ranch.  I cannot tell you how relieved I was to find
Jessica McLean and Beccy Evans.  I have a young horse
that I had only sat upon, literally, and wanted so
desperately, like so many of us, to train myself with just
the desire to connect to guide me.  I basically failed in my
attempt to “gentle” my horse; he wanted and needed to
be given boundaries to allow him to flourish in his
awesome spirit.  I was not experienced enough to deliver
this style of teaching as I had not grown up living and
breathing the horses energy.  This is what I most cherish
about entrusting a part of my soul and my horse to
somebody like Jessica.  I have been blessed by boarding
and training my horse at Midnights Trail Ranch and I am
sincerely thankful to Jessica and Beccy for allowing me
to participate in this experience first hand.
Melanie Saunders, Alberta
Debbie from Alberta writes:

Wow!  What a great place to have
children learn how to ride.  Jessica,
Jess and other members of the
staff,  have made our
granddaughters, Hannah, Emily &
Katie feel so welcome.  They can't
wait for their lessons each week.  
Just after 5 rides I can see that the
kids have gained confidence in
themselves and with their horses,
Bluey, Prince and Duchess.  It is not
only the kids that are having a good
time, while I am watching, I am
visited by the most friendliest cats
and Kasey. We all have such a
great time! Thank you!!