In Training
Midnight's Trail
Romeo is a 2008 stud from
South Shadow Angus and Paints.  We are
looking very forward to see what comes
out of this colt.  He is very friendly and
sociable with a wonderful disposition.  His
groundwork is moving along quickly, and
we have had him packing a saddle. We
would like to show him and work the
cows.  Thank you Connie for another
wonderful horse!

See Romeo on our
Stallion page!
River is a 2008 Block Horse stud.
This gorgeous boy is quick and
intelligent, and will make and excellent
cow horse. We have started him with
ground work and under saddle, and
he's responding beautifully.

Look for River on our
Stallion page!
Shiloh is a 2008 Block Horse stud, who
has the most beautiful personality. Not
only does he have an amazing lifted trot,
but he's so sweet and calm when you
handle him, you hardly know he's a stud!
We have started Shiloh under saddle, and
he's been so easy going and accepting that
we can't wait until Spring to do more with
him! We are looking at taking this
gorgeous hunk into dressage, as we're
sure he would excel there.

Visit Shiloh on our
Stallion page!
Celtic Rose (Tinker Bell to my
daughter) is also a 2008
Block Horse.  
hat a fantastic little mom!  She gave us
a wonderful bay colt, that is very
sociable and has been an amazing treat.  
We have rebred her to Shiloh for a 2013
foal, and will be furthering her training
this fall and winter.
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Sweetgrass Kestrel is a beautiful 2008
Block Horse Filly, with a gorgeous
flaxen mane and tail.  She is inquisitive
and calm, and loves when the kids come
to visit. Kestrel has been started with
ground work and has been packing a
saddle.  She is in foal for late May to
Black Magic is a 2009 Block Horse who
has done wonderfully S
ummer. We have
ontinued his ground work and Elhe has
started putting him through his paces.  
She has been loving working with him.
Magic is showing to be a beautiful easy
going gelding, and will be a wonderful
addition to our program!

Take a look at Magic on our
For Sale page.
Odin was born Spring 2010, here at
Midnight's Trail, out of Dakota and a
friesen stud, Jelle. I
have been drooling
over riding him every time he trots or
runs in the field, what a beautiful
mover! I fianlly gave in and saddled him
up, just sat on, and moved around a
little, won't ride him too much till he's
3, but wow!  He is a dream come true!!!
Chief is a 2000 Quarter Horse Gelding,
who has opened to be quite the little
sweetheart. His playful personality makes
him fun to work with. Chief is green
broke, and he just needs miles before he
will be implemented into our program as a
guide horse. We look forward to many
happy trails with Chief.
Dancer is our 2011 foal out of Ticoles and
River.  He is built beautifully and has the
personality to match.  What a great little
guy!  Leads wonderfully, trailer loads and
picks up feet.  He's a smart little whip,
takes after both parents!
Dakota is a 1999 Paint mare, who is an
absolute sweetheart. She's quite green yet,
but we're working on her confidence, and
we're sure that she will make a great
addition to our guide horse string. Her
training has been put off for a bit.  We
love Odin (her 2010 foal) so much, we
want another from her.  D
akota had a
stunning bay colt with two blue eyes on
Mother's Day.  We have rebred her to
Romeo, for a 2013 foal,but will continue
riding her for the winter.
Asta is an 8 yr old Fjord.  She came to
us just halter broke, but very friendly and
sociable.  She is h
eading for driving
training in October with Elise.  Looking
forward to having a team!
Elise is a 7 yr old Fjord.  She is
absolutely sweet and eager to please.  
Loving having this pair of Fjords and
looking to have a lot of fun with them in
the near future!
 Can't wait to be driving
the team!