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Western Riding Lessons
Taking Western Riding Lessons is a fun way to learn how to ride!  We use many games and patterns, each designed to improve coordination and target different aspects of riding. These classes will be based on the CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) program.  We have found that the CHA program better suits our international riders as it is recognized world-wide. Students will come away with a certificate and pin for the Level they have completed. If you are not sure if this program is right for you, come try it out with no commitment.  We know you will love the program and how it moves you through the steps of horsemanship in an organized, well thought out manner. Don't want to go through the Levels?  We still offer basic lessons, you will receive no certificate at the end, however, because lesson plans follow the CHA program, you will be more than welcome to challenge your levels if you decide you would like certification later on.  For children under the age of 4, please check out our Pony Rides!  
Under 4 - Check out Pony Rides

Ages 4-6: Basic Grooming, Basic Commands, Skill Learning Games, Basic Body and Tack parts.

Ages 6-9: Helping to Tack up, Grooming, Commands at Multiple Gaits, Skill Learning Games, Intermediate Body and Tack names and some theory, Can be Lead out on Trail Rides.

Ages 10 and up: Can participate in field rides, Tacking up, Grooming, Patterns, Skill Learning Games, Body and Tack names, Theory, Advanced maneuvers.

At all ages we test the abilities of new students to see where they are at in the levels so they can be placed and instructed appropriately.
Beginner classes will have a maximum of 4 students per instructor.  Intermediate classes will have a maximum of 5 students per instructor.  For all classes 4yrs of age to 10, there will be an instructor and an assistant.  
Obstacle Course - The obstacle course is set up in a second arena and includes a gate to open, trotting poles, a small hill, bridge, two cavaletti's, cones, barrels and stops.  We are able to change it to suite the different riding levels of our students.  This helps to teach them how to ask their horse for different challenges and how to work through them.  It also helps students to focus and concentrate on what they are doing and where they are going.
Barrels - We use large barrels for many things.  The main use is to teach the basic skills for barrel racing, softening the students hands in turns, as well as the horse, teaching turns, giving a sweet spot, as well as giving them a direction or pattern to follow.
Arena - We have a nice, large, versatile arena.  This creates a large enough environment to work with the students without it being too crowded, yet still enclosed and safe.  We are adding some new features to our arena this year.  A large ramp to help with those in need of wheelchairs, a large learning wall with outlines of a horse, hooves, saddle and bridle to help with learning the different parts, plus more!
Cones - We use a variety of sizes of cones to set of patterns to help the students know where to turn and where to do their transitions.  We also use them in our games to help with coordination.
The following helps explain some of the tools we use for our lessons!
Above: Explaining basic hand position and steering to be practiced through the
cones in the obstacle course.
Above: Jess M assisting in tacking up on Topaz
Congratulations to Hanna (above on Prince)
and Emily (below on Bluey) for completing
their CHA Level 1!
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Note: any student under the age of 16 is required to wear an approved helmet. Helmets are available to rent for $2.00/lesson
up to a maximum of $5.00 per month per student. This covers maintenance and regualar cleaning.
  On Your Horse On a School Horse
Private (1 rider) $40.00 $45.00
Semi-private (2 riders) $30.00 $35.00
Group ( 3 Riders) $20.00 $25.00
**Note: Prices are as of Septermber 1, 2011 and are subject to change.