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We are very proud of the horses in our crew and we work very hard with them to make sure you have a fun and
safe ride!  We do our best to match you with a horse that will not only suit your abilities but also your
personality!  We have had most of these horses for a number of years, they are good horses with wonderful
dispositions.  Come out and meet them for yourselves!
Name:  Ticoles        Year:  1995        Breed:  Paint        Height:  15hh
Level:  Trail & Lessons
Comments:  Once you try Tic's, you won't want to try another.  She has the perfect western jog and can cut a cow like you
wouldn't believe!  What a perfect package.  Tic's is great on the Trails and our students are loving her in the arena.  She is
a very nice, calm horse.  This is Bluey's Mom.  Thanks
South Shadow Angus & Paints
Name:  Flash        Year: 1998       Breed:  Paint        Height:  15.2hh
Level:  Lesson and Trail
Comments:  She's great for teens to adults, or the nice easy pony rides!  We have been using her in lessons for a number
of years, she has a wonderful gait, and is perfect for teaching that nice western stop!  Check her out being ridden by Josh
Jackson in the Canadian Film, "One Week".
Name:  Prince        Year:  1998        Breed:  Quarter Horse        Height:  15hh
Level:  Lesson and Trail
Comments:  Prince is wonderful for all ages.  He is great on trails as well as in the arena.  He has a love for cows and
enjoys working the barrels as well!
Name:  Bluey        Year:  2001        Breed:  Paint        Height: 15.1hh
Level:  Lesson and Trail Horse
Comments:  Bluey was my first baby out here, we've worked with her for a number of years and she is now one of our
favourite lesson horses. She loves pole-bending, and has nice soft gaits!  She works great for all ages! Her sire is Mr
Parteebuilt from
South Shadow Angus & Paints
Name:  Dutchess        Year:  1994        Breed:  Draft Cross        Height:  15.2hh
Level:  Lesson and Trail
Comments:  Dutchess has far exceeded our expectations.  She is wonderful, with an amazing ride.  A comment from one of
our students was, "I didn't know a horse like this existed!"
Name:  Dundee        Year: 1998      Breed:  Quarter Horse        Height:  15hh
Level:  Guide Horse
Comments:  Dundee loves moving cows, just try to stop him!  Having a grand time on him and have been using him as my
guide horse for 2012.  Also hoping to try him out in some Cowboy Up Challenges this year. He's a smart one and is a
smooth horse to ride.  
He has excelled in the coulees, loves the river, and has become one of my favorites to ride!  Dundee
is usually the first one at the gate asking to come in!
Name:  Chief        Year: 2000       Breed:  Quarter Horse        Height:  15hh
Level:  In saddle
Comments:  He has opened up to show a very fun and playful personality, we have great hopes for him and he is eager to
please!  He's up to a trot now and doing great!  We'll be riding him on and off during the winter to keep him up and hopefully
he'll be good to go come Spring!
Name:  Lady        Year: 2001       Breed:  Solid Paint        Height:  16hh
Level:  Guide Horse
Comments:  Lady is my pride and joy.  I am having so much fun on her. She needs a bit more confidence on cows, but is
great on the trails.  She has an amazing canter and man she moves nice!  H
ad fun doing a lot with her this year.  We bred
her to River this Spring, and are looking forward to a beautiful foal off of her Spring 2013.  I'll miss her tremendously, but am
dying to see what Her and River make!  
A wonderful horse from South Shadow Angus & Paints
Name:  Texas        Year:  1999        Breed:  Paint/ Draft        Height:  16.1hh
Level:  Trail Horse and Lessons
Comments:  Texas is quickly rising to the top as one of the favorites out here.  His smooth trot, amazing lope coupled with
his vibrant personality makes him an excellent choice to ride!
Name:  Karma        Year:  1999      Breed:  Quarter Horse/ Draft        Height:  15.3hh
Level:  Trails and Advanced Lessons
Comments:  Karma is a joy to ride and has been my goto horse in 2011, whatever and where ever I needed to go and do,
she's been my right hand.  We tried out the Cowboy Up Challenge together and we both still have a lot to learn, but looking
forward to great times in 2012!
Name:  Conager        Year: 1999       Breed:  Paint        Height:  16hh
Level:  Dad's Horse & Guide Horse
Comments:  Conager is a great horse!  Has a perfect western jog, a nice slow canter, yet he sure knows how to work those
cows!  Dad's in heaven back on a horse!  I get to ride him every so often and I sure enjoy it when I do!
Name:  Topaz        Year: 1994       Breed:  Morgan        Height:  14.2
Level:  Lesson and Trail
Comments:  Topaz is a sweet little mare from Arnold McKee, and we love her so much we decided to keep her.  She has
settled into the program beautifully and has a amazing trot.  She is one of our most loved horses on trail for her wonderful
Name:  Dakota       Year: 1999      Breed:  Paint        Height:  15.2hh
Level:  In Foal
Comments: This ones a looker!  A Beautiful Black paint with blue eyes, and wow, what a ride!  She'll be taking most of this
year off as we decided that we want another beautiful baby out of her.  She's expecting late May.
Name: Storm     Year:  1992  Breed:  Morgan     Height:  15.1hh
Level:  Lesson Horse
Comments:  Storm is one of our newest additions.  He is a sweetheart that has jumped right into lessons and therapeutic
rides with ease.  We are sure loving this guy!
Name:  Fancy      Year: 1995     Breed:  Arabian     Height:  14hh
Level:  Lesson Horse
Comments: Fancy was wonderful in our lesson program 2011.  Even came close to placing at the Southern Alberta
Summer Games with one of our students.  This little mare has a big heart and she is 100% try.  Her fantastic personality
makes her a fun little mare to ride.
Name: Koda     Year:  2006  Breed:  Grade     Height:  15.2hh
Level: Guide Horse
Comments: Koda is Candice's guide horse this year. She has an ever-so-smooth lope that is just beautiful to ride. With her
easy going nature, she's a fantastic horse to have around!
 We have bred Koda to Romeo for a 2013 foal, and are looking
forward to see what it brings!
Name:  Casper        Year: 2008      Breed:  Block Horse        Height:  15.2hh
Level:  Guide Horse
Comments:  Casper has come along amazingly, his first time in the coulees, he acted as if he'd done it a thousand times.  
We have taken him into the river, behind cows, nothing fazes this beautiful boy!  A typical Block Horse!  Elhe has done an
amazing job with Casper!
Name:  Misty        Year: 2006      Breed:  Chincoteague Pony         Height:  13.2hh
Level:  Guide Horse
Comments:  Misty is our smallest, but she has a huge heart!  We have taken her through the coulees and river and she
has just excelled!  What a sweet little mare.  We'll be putting a lot more miles on her this Winter and she'll continue as one of
our guide mares for 2013.