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This is Candice.  She is one of our instructors at Midnight's Trail.  She will be running our kid camps next Summer, which we are looking very forward to!  

My name is Candice Worrall. I have been riding for fun since I was a small child. I only became a more serious rider as an adult, continually perfecting my skill and always loving the sport.
I met Jessica with Midnight’s Trail in the summer of 2007 when I decided it was time for my two children to start taking lessons. At this time they were only an 1 1/2 and 3 years of age. I figured this way I would hopefully pass my love for horses on and as they grew and progressed with riding we could enjoy it as a family activity. But I found as much as I was enjoying it, there was still an emptiness in my heart, so I asked Jessica if she could teach me more. I then took extra trips out alone to learn more of the caring for them, how she would train them and earn the horses trust as well as some tricks of the trade.
Some of my goals for 2012 include running two weeks of summer camps. One week will be in July and one will be in August. I also look forward to continuing with the therapeutic rides, as well as new and existing students. I would also like to achieve my CHA Instructor levels one and two, as well as my assistant for English riding. I am also looking forward to competing in some Extreme Cowboy Challenges.  Throughout the school year I also am an Educational Assistant with the Prairie Rose School Division.
I have really enjoyed working at Midnight’s Trail and am looking forward to this upcoming year. Thank you everyone for the wonderful year!
Hi, I'm Jessica McLean.  I am happily married and a mother of 4 wonderful children, 3 girls and a wonderful boy!  I have been riding horses since I can remember.  I have always loved horses, and at 12yrs of age, I started teaching family and friends how to ride.  I graduated from Medicine Hat High School in 1998.  In 1998 and 1999 I tried out for Medicine Hat Stampede Queen Contest, and then in 2000 I worked at Holiday on Horseback and learned many valuable tools.  I loved working there and decided that this was what I definitely wanted to do.  
I took business courses with
Entre-Corp Business Development as well as Service Best.  I have completed my Course 1 Horsemanship with Jonathan Fields, I also received my Levels 1 and 2 with CEF (Equine Canada) and will be upgrading my training even more with CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) which certification carries not only for Canada, but for the US as well.  I have also received my certification in Emergency Equine First Aid.  I opened Midnight's Trail as an official business in April of 2002.  I started on my own, but have worked with a couple people on the way.  Each year I learn new things and ways to improve what we do, and we are always open to new ideas you might have as well!
About Our Business

Midnight's Trail is a Western Riding School, which offers Pony Rides, Western Riding Lessons, Trail Rides, Boarding, Breeding services, Theraputic Riding,Training Services and more.

At Midnight's Trail we believe in sharing our love of horses and the beautiful Alberta Prairie.  We want people to experience the love, joy, peace, unity and fun that these majestic creatures can bring to you and your family.  Riding is more than sitting on the back of a horse, it is working as a team, not only with your horse but with fellow riders as well, whether it be your children, grandchildren, the love of your life, a dear friend or a new friend.  The bond horses bring will last a lifetime!

Midnight's Trail officially opened in April of 2002, although I was teaching friends & relatives prior to that.  
I enjoyed working with new people and eventually had enough people coming out to consider opening as a business and I have never looked back.  The joy of seeing the transition in people as they come to the ranch, stressed from their jobs and then the peaceful, relaxed look on their faces when they come back from their ride, or the joy that kind of job satisfaction!

We are a small family based business with big dreams!  My family has been great in supporting my dreams and helping me out, including my parents, my husband, my 3 beautiful girls and our newest addition, my son. Out at the barn five of us now, Myself (Jessica), Candice Worral - Instructor, Cindy Hinch, Elhe Black and Rebeckah Forrester - Guides.  We have a nice, large outdoor arena,  a large obstacle course, 60' round pen, 8 lesson horses, and 22 sections of land to ride out on - including 3.5 miles along the South Saskatchewan River, surrounded by beautiful coulees!  We have an amazing variety of wildlife: whitetail and mule deer, antelope, coyotes, an occasional cougar, moose or elk, and over 200 varieties of birds - including swans, hawks, bald and golden eagles, and geese and ducks of many kinds.  Come See What the Prairie has to Offer!

We are based at Konosky Ranching Ltd., my families ranch, which was started by my Great Grandfather (Kosmer Konosky) in 1911, continued by my Grandfather (Pete Konosky) and now my Dad, Peter Konosky. At Konosky Ranching Ltd., we raise fantastic Alberta Beef, the good old prairie way, and trust me, it's good!  We always have Smokies, Garlic Sausage, Ground Beef, Hamburger Patties and Homemade Saskatoon Pie for sale, or you can order a 1/4 of beef, a side of beef, or a whole beef.  This is what AAA Alberta Beef is made of! Click here to check out our Beef Prices

Cindy is our Trail Boss.  She has been an amazing addition to our team!  We are looking forward to keeping Cindy around for awhile!

Elhe is one of our guides and trainers.  She has done a wonderful job for us this year and we hope she'll be returning for next year!
Deanna has taken over bookings for me, it has been wonderful to have her take some pressure off and she's doing an amazing job at it!
Rebeckah has joined us this year under apprenticeship.  She has been a wonderful help and we have enjoyed her as  part of our team!