Midnight's Trail
Midnight's Trail
PO Box 1090
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 7H1
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Prairie Rides
Prairie Rides are a fun enjoyable way to de-stress your day or as a nice end to a
lesson.  We have a vast array of wildlife and prairie flowers, and wide open
fields to ride in.  Come for a beautiful sunset ride, and enjoy our wonderful
Alberta sky!  Come for only an hour or stay for a few!
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1 HOUR ( Around the Loop)
Private (1 person)
Couple (2 people)
$ 70.00
Group (3 or more)
$ 30.00 per person
2 HOUR ( Holy Ground)
Private (1 person)
Couple (2 people)
Group (3 or more
$55.00 per person
3 HOUR (Coulee Edge)
Private ( 1 person)
Couple (2 people)
Group ( 3 or more)
$80.00 per person
**Note: For the above rides, children must be a
minimum of 6 years old to participate. Children
ages 6-9 years must be ponied and an additional
$5.00 will be charged for each ponied child.**
age to participate on the Coulee Edge Ride.