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Here at Midnight’s Trail, we use natural horsemanship techniques to build trust and confidence in your horse, in all areas, on the ground and in the saddle. We specialize in colt starting, working with problem horses, and tune ups for your green horses. Having studied Johnathan Field, Doug Mills, Pat Parelli and other natural horsemanship trainers, our methods break down into easy, less stressful steps for your horse, resulting in a happy, hardworking and reliable partner. We offer three main types of training for you and your equine companion:

1.  We do all the training on your horse.
2.  We do the training but you also come in on the training once a week.
3.  We train you to train your horse.
When bringing a horse in for training, it's important to know what level of training you would like accomplished. Below are a few helpful definitions.

Started - The horse has been halter broke, completed basic ground work and has been ridden under saddle in a rope halter.

Green Broke - At this point they are doing well under saddle and just need the miles, we'll transition them from the rope halter to a hackamore in this stage.  We'll start taking them out in the field, behind cows and in the coulee and river.  We will try to expose them to as many things as we can that they may come across later in life.  

Fine Tuning - We start 'fine tuning' them into a specific discipline, whether it be in the arena (barrels, reining etc) or in the field (pleasure, trail, cow etc.)

Finished- I only believe a horse to be trained when it has been fine tuned with a lot of miles, and experiences.  I also believe that horses - just like people are always learning and always growing.  Old dogs (horses or people) can always learn new 'tricks'!
Above: Learning to jump- progression shots - starting with low jumps to strengthen him and build confidence.
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**Note: All bookings require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to guarantee your spot.**
Building Confidence
Establishing a partnership
Building confidence and trust using obstacles.
Relaxation through movement
Preparation for riding
"Friendly" - desensitization
Gaining experience for real life challenges
Learning to yeild the ribs for a sidepass
Yielding to back up pressure from JF
horsemanship string.