Midnight's Trail
Midnight's Trail
PO Box 1090
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 7H1
(403) 581-3301
We're proud to open a breeding program at Midnight's Trail.  Currently, we have three stallions available, Shiloh (block horse stud), River
(block horse stud), and Romeo (paint stud w/ papers). If you'd like to meet our boys before making a decision, feel free to call for an
appointment, and we'd be happy to take you out to see them. They're all very friendly, and always enjoy the attention!
Merricourt Rhiney River (BH2336) is a beautiful 2008 Block Horse stallion we purchased from the McKee ranch in Acadia
Valley, sired by MR Katonka (BH2065) and MR Miss Muffit (BH400).  His beautiful conformation coupled with his extreme
intelligence is sure to make some excellent foals fit for any discipline.  

Stud Fee : $400.00
MR Shiloh (BH2338) is a gorgeous 2008 Block Horse Stallion, purchased from the McKee ranch in Acadia Valley. He has
excellent bloodlines, being sired from MR Vertigo (BH2020) and his dam is MR Flicka (BH10). This stud has beautiful
movement and a calm, sweet personality. He is easy to handle and train, and is sure to throw some gorgeous foals.

Stud Free: $400.00
SSAP Charming Romeo is a lovely SPB 2008 stallion purchased from South Shadow Angus & Paints. Romeo has
beautiful conformation and a very kind disposition, he has been very easy to work with. Sired by MR Parteebuilt, his dam
is Ruckers Cocoa Charm, so he should throw foals with excellent build, beautiful colour, and kind dispositions.

Stud Fee: $400.00
**All stud fees must be paid in advance. Incoming mares will be boarded at Midnight's Trail
at a rate of $10.00 per day. **
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      Little Black Sambo  #194
Sire: MR Katonka  BH2065
     Prairie Red Granny BH 187

Name:  Merricourt Rhiney River BH2336

     RB Descendre BH217
Dam:  MR Miss Muffet
     MR Silhouette BH360
        MR Beamer BH142
Sire: MR Vertigo BH2020
        MR Flicka BH10

Name: MR Shiloh BH2338

       Unknown British Block Roundup 1994
Dam: Midnight Hour BH2075
        Unknown British Block Roundup 1994
Sire: MR Parteebuilt
        Lady Shi Di

Name: SSAP Charming Romeo

        Little Rucker
Dam: Ruckers Cocoa Charm
        Choco Chix
What is a Block Horse? Click here to learn more!
DOB: April 21, 2011
Dam: Ticole Me Red (Ticoles)
Sire: Merricourt Rhiney River
Heart of the Prairie
DOB: May 21, 2012
Dam: MR Celtic Rose (Tinker)
Sire: Merricourt Rhiney River
Celtic Twist
DOB: May 15, 2012
Dam: Sweetgrass Kestrel
Sire: MR Shiloh
Kienna's Charm
DOB: May 13, 2012
Dam: APHA Dakota High Class
Sire: SSAP Charming Romeo